Marianne Beck


Your well-being is our priority. We’re here to help you navigate the home buying and selling journey safely and efficiently. Here’s how we’re navigating this new landscape as North and South Carolina begin to slowly open up:







Showings can be conducted in person (as well as other real estate transaction activities). Our agents are following current CDC guidelines including:

  • Providing hand sanitizer, wipes, booties, ribbon for toilet, and signage for home
  • Respecting the home by not touching anything 
  • Using wipes on lock box, front door handle, and any other items
  • Meeting clients at house
  • Practicing social distancing during the visit and other socially responsible practices as recommended by the CDC

**Agents also have the ability to show homes virtually, if desired. Our agents have access to 3D technology allowing buyers to walk through homes, virtually and safely.



Open Houses

South Carolina as of 5/1/2020 and North Carolina as of 5/8/2020


  • Open houses can be conducted virtually or live by appointment only, following these guidelines
    • Prior to the open house, the agent will ensure the house is thoroughly cleaned. Agents will place paper towels near sinks in case a visitor wants to turn a sink on and off.
    • All visitors will be questioned upon their arrival as to whether they’ve recently traveled to affected countries or if they have had recent contact with anyone with a positive coronavirus test. 
    • Hand sanitizers will be provided at the entry to the home. All visitors must use those products to disinfect their hands before entering and exiting the home.
    • No more than one visiting entity (family) and the Realtor® will be allowed in the home at one time.
    • All visitors should be instructed to follow social distancing guidelines including maintaining a distance of six (6) feet from all other visitors

Appointments with Realtors®

All appointments are encouraged to take place over the phone or via video conference. If an in-person appointment is necessary, agents will practice social distancing during the appointment.



Obtaining a mortgage and getting pre-approved

You can easily get pre-approved right from the comfort of your own home using our MortgagEase portal. The pre-approval process is simple and only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.


Obtaining homeowner's insurance

All steps in the homeowner's insurance process can be completed over the phone and signed electronically.




Make an offer

All offers can be drafted and signed digitally.



Inspection, appraisal and closing

All inspections, appraisals and closings will continue as scheduled in a safe manner.